Juanita Rivas-Raymer        

"Be the change you wish to see in this world."  -Gandhi

"Only when we have compassion for all beings will we have true peace."
My name is Juanita and my contribution to my community is helping people find peace and calm in their lives through yoga and gardening. I also support moms by offering prenatal yoga classes.  I live in the San Gabriel Valley and work  throughout the Los Angeles area.   If you are interested in yoga or childbirthing workshops  have a look at the top  and click on one of my other pages.  

Easy Flow Yoga
Tuesdays 9:30-10:30am
Equilibrium Fitness
2019 Foothill Blvd.
Laverne, CA

This is a great class for beginners or anyone who wants to refresh their practice.  We will focus on learning how to breath more efficiently while moving through a series of poses. You will feel refreshed and balanced after taking this class. 

Class fee 18. drop in or 75. for 5 classes.  Pre-registration is required.  To register,  go to www.equilibriumfitness.com /for questions email Juanita ~  jrivasraymer@yahoo.com
Workshops or new classes

Prenatal yoga classes

(these classes are ongoing)

~Practicing prenatal yoga is a gentle way of keeping your body active and flexible while minimizing some common pregnancy symptoms .

We'll be learning about:
*beneficial yoga poses to open our hips

*the breath and how it helps during labor

*how Yoga creates balance and strength.
Fine Arts Academy(rm 26)

Sundays 4pm-5pm
300 N. Glendora Ave.

Pre Glendora, CA 

Class fee: $95.  for 6 weeks/ 12 weeks $155. pre -registration is required
Sign up by emailing jrivasraymer@yahoo.com  or
contact Juanita @ 626-202-9594


"The Role of The Birth Partner" A childbirth preparation workshop - BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND

This class is geared for your partner to learn how to help you during labor.  They will learn how to tell if you are staying relaxed and how to get you to relax through breathing and yoga movement. We will go over how to breath more efficiently and coaches will learn techniques to help their partners cope with the discomforts of labor.     Cost:  $75. per couple(private class at the studio)  $90.per couple(private  in your home) class~ group class $60. per couple (in studio)                                                                                To register:  
email  Juanita   jrivasraymer@yahoo.com

  Saturday, November 1st 6-8pm  @  Claremont Yoga in Claremont.
 To register go to  www.claremontyoga.com  

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